Sponsored Programs

Sponsored programs are scholarly, professional and creative activities of UNLV faculty and staff supported by external funding (i.e. grants, contracts or cooperative agreements).  These activities may be funded by federal, state, private, or local sponsors and fulfill a variety of functions. 



Awards are reported in the fiscal year in which they are received.   

  • Awards by Sponsor 
  • Awards by Budget Area 
  • Awards by Federal Sponsors 
  • Number and Amount of Awards Received by College/Unit 
  • Trends in Awards 
  • Expenditures

    Expenditures are included in the fiscal year the funds are expended regardless of the year awarded.  The following reports include expenditures from all sources in all expenditure categories:

        Expenditures from all sources and in all functions

        Research expenditures only

        In most cases, research expenditures are associated with the principal investigators and their home departments.