StudentTracker and its sister application, DataNet, are legacy applications offering convenient, web-friendly access to historical Student Information System (SIS) census data through summer 2010.  In fall 2010, PeopleSoft replaced SIS as the official data system for UNLV student information.

StudentTracker provides cohort tracking, retention, and graduation rate analyses.  Through its wizard interface, StudentTracker guides campus employees through the steps of selecting a group of students in a given term, and tracking their enrollment and graduation across subsequent terms.

While we are no longer offering formal StudentTracker training, the application remains available to campus data users for accessing historical retention and graduation rate reports until a better alternative is made available.


Please Note:  Formal StudentTracker training has been suspended to allow staff time to develop the UNLV Data Warehouse.  If you have questions or concerns, please contact Kari Coburn at 895-3771.


How to Request Access

To request access to StudentTracker and its sister application DataNet, send an email to with the following information:

  • Your name, title and department
  • Your email address and phone
  • The name and email address of your supervising dean or director
  • A brief explanation of how you intend to use DataNet
After we receive your information, we will:
  1. Initiate the electronic approval process* with an email
  2. Send an electronic approval form for you to complete.
    Once you complete the form, it will be automatically routed to OIAP, to your supervising dean/director, and then to the registrar for approval.
  3. After approval, you will participate in a mandatory training session.
    This session covers user responsibilities and hands-on training with the application.  The training costs $25, payable via an IDR to Institutional Analysis and Planning.


*The electronic approval process requires that both you and your supervising dean/director have Lotus Notes accounts that you access with the Notes client software. If either of you does not use Lotus Notes, paper forms will be made available.