Administration and Staff Information for Blue Course Evaluations

The Office of Decision Support is working to implement an online course evaluation system. This new system will provide faculty with improved access to student response rates and evaluation reporting. Included in the system is the ability to offer unique questions on a course by course basis. While most of our current users use a standardized template, there are several departments that have program specific questions included in their course evaluations.

1. When is the UNLV course evaluation period?

Typically course evaluations for the Fall and Spring semesters are conducted during the two weeks prior to Finals Week. Per UNLV policy, evaluations are not conducted during the Final Exam period. During summer sessions, evaluations will open during the last few meeting days of the class. Students must submit their course evaluation before 11:59 PM PST/PDT on the final day of the evaluation period. Modular, dynamic, or other classes that do not follow the regular academic schedule may have their evaluations scheduled to reflect their meeting dates. Evaluations will not be conducted for classes that have posted grades in MyUNLV.


2. What is the process to include our departments courses for the Course Evaluation period?

Preparing for course evaluations:

  • Student and course data will automatically be pulled from the UNLV system.
  • Only instructors who have been identified as Primary Instructors in MyUNLV will be evaluated.
  • As there is no set field at this time to identify various courses: dissertation, thesis, internship, etc., departments will need to identify the courses they DO want to have evaluated. During the Fall and Spring semesters, departments will be responsible for selecting which of their classes should be evaluated for the term. Due to different timelines, departments will need to notify the course evaluation team which of their Summer Session classes should receive evaluations.
  • If any courses are not linked to a primary instructor of record, they will not populate in the evaluation system.
  • If the wrong instructor is listed as teaching a course, we cannot correct that in the Blue System. This has to be corrected in PeopleSoft and new data uploaded to Blue in order for a change to occur. 

The Blue System works on an opt-in basis, where one individual from your college/department is specified as the primary individual responsible for the opt-in process during the Fall and Spring semesters. Initially, all courses are designated as opted-out, so in order for evaluations to occur, you will need to manually opt them in. If you are the designated person for your college/department:

  • You will be assigned tasks in the Blue System, there will be one task per course you are assigned. Log in at
  • You will log in as a "Supervisor" using the drop down menu to change designation.
  • Your username will be your NSHE ID number.
  • If you have never logged into the Blue System or if you have forgotten your password, click "Forgot your password?" and an email will be sent to you with a temporary password. You will be asked to create a permanent password upon login.
  • Once in the system, you will see a dashboard with two sections: Tasks and Reports.
  • Tasks provides you the opportunity to opt-in each of your courses for evaluation, you will only see things here during the designated opt-in timeframe for Fall and Spring semester evaluations.
  • Reports will show you all prior semester reports to which you have been assigned access.

If this is the first semester your department is using Blue for course evaluations, please contact us at as soon as possible, and include any supervisor information for those who will need access to response rates and evaluation reports (this includes Administrative Assistants, Business or Office Managers, Department Chairs, Deans, etc.):

  • Name
  • Title
  • Department (if Dept Chair)
  • NSHE #
  • Email address
  • Access level (faculty, department, college)

During and after course evaluations:

  • Supervisors can access student response rates during the course evaluation process.
  • Those with permission to view reports, such as Deans and Department Chairs, can access individual and department level reports directly. Reports will be available no sooner than a week following the grade submission deadline, and instructors will be notified by email when their evaluation reports are available.


3. How do students access their course surveys?

When evaluations open, students will receive an email from with a link to their course survey. Reminders emailed to students during the evaluation window will also contain this link. 

Students may also access  their course evaluations through MyUNLV:

  • Log in at
  • From the Student Homepage select Resources
  • In the menu on the left, select Course Evaluation
  • Be sure pop-up blockers are disabled
  • Select the Course Evaluation link
  • Courses open for evaluation will appear in a new window to be completed

Students can select "Course Evaluations" from their WebCampus account page. If their instructor has added "Course Evaluations" to their WebCampus course page, students may also use this link to access their course evaluations while logged into WebCampus.


4. How do I access reports?

Once course evaluation reports have been generated and published, the faculty and department reports will become available in the Blue System and on MyUNLV. Faculty will receive an email notification and will be able to access their response rates and course evaluation reports from MyUNLV or the Blue System. Please note that a minimum of 3 evaluations must be submitted by students for a report to be generated for that class. Courses that do not meet this requirements will have "not met" in the Threshold Status column of their report page.


5. How are student response rates affected by online course surveys?

There may be an initial drop in response rates given that students will be accessing their course surveys with a new system. Faculty can help their students become familiar with Blue by pointing out this website and the associated videos. You can also visit the Increasing Response Rates page for more ideas.


6. Are reminders sent to students?

Students will receive no less than three email notifications from The number of reminders will vary according to the length of the evaluation period, but students will always receive at least two reminders after the initial notification during the evaluation period. One reminder will be roughly in the middle of the window and another on the final day the evaluation is open. Reminders are not sent to students who have submitted their course evaluation. Instructors and departments are also encouraged to remind their students during the evaluation period as reminders may be more effective from people familiar to the students.


7. Who can I contact with questions or concerns?

You can contact the Course Evaluation Coordinator, via email at