Data Custodians

The university's data custodians are managers of a functional area within the university charged with operational responsibility for the quality, content, retention, metadata management, security, privacy, and availability of institutional data. They work with applicable units to develop definitions and standards for the data under their stewardship. Examples of data custodians include the University Registrar for student registration records, and the Director of Financial Aid for financial aid data.

The Data Oversight Committee (DOC) is responsible for designating the data custodian for each area of university data. The custodians are responsible for:

  • Determining the system of record for data elements
  • Maintaining the quality and integrity of the data within the system of record
  • Working with Data Governance Committee (DGC) to determine procedures for access to the data
  • Working with the DGC to establish and maintain appropriate data definitions
  • Working with the DGC to set procedures for ongoing data training of end users including regular review of rights and responsibilities of all users with access to institutional data