What are Data Marts?

To meet the immediate reporting needs of the University community, the ODS development team focused its initial efforts in creating census-based "data marts". The data marts developed by ODS staff are derived from the UNLV Data Warehouse, which pulls data from the PeopleSoft student information system.

The emphasis of data marts is on meeting the specific demands of a particular group of data users in terms of analysis, content, presentation, and ease-of-use, and thus the design of a data mart tends to start from an analysis of user needs. Users of a data mart can expect to have data presented in terms that are familiar. The two data marts available through MyUNLV Analytics for the initial go-live provide access to enrollment and admissions census data. The development plan for additional data marts is part of an overall plan for development of the UNLV Data Warehouse, and is informed by the Data Governance Council and the campus community of data users.