About Training

Standard Report Dashboard training will be held via Webex on the 3rd Thursday of every month this fall semester. It is open to all FERPA certified staff who would like to incorporate actionable data insights into their daily workflow and decision making. RSVP for a session by filling out this Google form.

Custom Report training will be held via Webex on an invitation basis for users who are granted for student level access and users who need to build their own ad-hoc reports. The Office of Decision Support will monitor the approval process of the data request form and contact the user for the training schedules by email.


Getting Started


Check your browser requirements. UNLV Analytics is a web based application.  Firefox is the recommended and preferred web browser for the use of UNLV Analytics.  Other browsers such as Chrome and Internet Explorer will function with the application, but performance is notably improved with Firefox.


To log into UNLV Analytics, browse to https://analytics.unlv.nevada.edu.  


For the User ID and Password, enter your ACE account user name and password, and click the Log In button.  If you need assistance with your ACE account, contact the IT help desk at 5x0777.


Updates to UNLV Analytics


The latest version of OBIEE, the software that runs UNLV Analytics, brings some new terminology and updates.


Terminology Changes

  • Requests renamed Analyses
  • Charts renamed Graphs
  • iBots renamed Agents
  • Download renamed Export

User Interface Improvements

  • A new Home page
  • Redesigned editors and panes
  • A favorites functionality that allows you to bookmark as favorites the catalog objects that you view regularly or want to view again at another time

Enhanced View Types

  • Tables and pivots function more consistently. In a Pivot table, easily drag and drop columns to various locations to rearrange the display.
  • In a graph, a section slider can be defined that acts as an animation tool to change the graph depending on the data value selected on the slider.

User Documentation

  • UNLV Analytics Quick Start Guide
  • UNLV Analytics Foundation Manual