NWCCU 2010 Milestones

Early September Collect questions from committees for College/Department Questionnaire
Early September IA & P creates a web site containing data that colleges and departments need to complete the questionnaires
Mid-September College/Department Questionnaire is sent to College, Departments. and various UNLV entities
Mid-October Create web site to introduce UNLV community to the accreditation process
October-November Arrange for town meetings for committees to introduce their particular standard to UNLV community
Beginning of November Department Questionnaires are due to College and to the SVPAA Office.
Beginning of December College Questionnaires are due to the SVPAA Office.
  • All relevant material / data are collected.
  • Rough draft of most standards is written. Standards 2 and 4 may be exception.
Mid-January Rough draft of all standards is finished.
February Circulate drafts to campus community for input through the web site.
Middle-March Circulate drafts to UNLV stakeholders for input through the web site.
Mid-May Various standards are molded into one report. Remaining time is spent on fine tuning and final updates.