Reporting Tools and IR Resources

The Office of Institutional Analysis & Planning (IAP) provides a number of applications to facilitate campus access to relevant data. The tools here are developed by IAP staff to provide the campus community with convenient, web-friendly access to data housed in our data warehouse.  To facilitate access to these applications, we have moved all of our applications to a single login account. This allows you to log on to our website and have immediate access to all of your secure applications and internally shared reports.

In addition to the IAP applications, this section provides links to national data resources such as those developed by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), the National Science Foundation (NSF), and the Carnegie Foundation. These databases are resources used extensively by postsecondary institutions, associations and governmental bodies to support higher education policy development, research, planning and decision-making activities in higher education, and much of the data is coordinated by IAP and other campus units.

This section also provides links to other national and regional organizations, and selected external studies, that are relevant to institutional research and higher education in Nevada.