About StudentTracker


Please Note: StudentTracker is now considered a legacy application. The Office of Decision Support provides access to UNLV Analytics for retention and graduation rate analysis.

For questions on accessing either MyUNLV Analytics or the legacy StudentTracker application, please contact the Office of Decision Support at 702-895-3771.



StudentTracker and its sister application, DataNet, are legacy applications offering convenient, web-friendly access to historical Student Information System (SIS) census data through summer 2010. In fall 2010, PeopleSoft replaced SIS as the official data system for UNLV student information.

StudentTracker provides cohort tracking, retention, and graduation rate analyses. Through its wizard interface, StudentTracker guides campus employees through the steps of selecting a group of students in a given term, and tracking their enrollment and graduation across subsequent terms.

While we are no longer offering formal StudentTracker training, the application remains available to campus data users for accessing historical retention and graduation rate reports until a better alternative is made available.