Please Note:  DataNet is now considered a legacy application, providing access to student census information for terms prior to Fall 2010.  The Office of Decision Support now provides access to MyUNLV Analytics for current and recent student census information. 


For questions on accessing either MyUNLV Analytics or the legacy DataNet application, please contact the Office of Decision Support at 702-895-3771.


DataNet and its sister application,  StudentTracker, offer convenient, web-friendly access to Student Information System (SIS) census data.  Both applications draw data from a data warehouse populated with student census information using applications that make the data directly accessible to campus users via a secure, user-friendly website. The Student Information System (SIS) remains the official data repository for UNLV student information.


DataNet was developed by the Office of Institutional Analysis and Planning (now the Office of Decision Support) to extend its capacity to provide management information to UNLV administrators and faculty. With support from the leadership of such campus areas as Enrollment and Student Services, Student Affairs, and Information Technology, this project was initially sponsored as part of the 2002-03 Planning Initiative Awards.  DataNet usage has increased from a pilot user base of six campus employees to over 200 today.

The original edition of DataNet was completed in the Summer of 2003 and used security certificates to provide access to campus users. The second and current edition, completed in the Summer of 2007, uses the IAP Web Accounts universal login - the same account you'll use to access all secured IAP content.  To learn more about DataNet, read the Questions and Answers handout.