UNLV Data Warehouse


An enterprise data warehouse is a unified data base that holds all of the information in an organization and makes it accessible across the institution.  One attraction of an enterprise data warehouse is that all of the data is constantly available for analysis and planning purposes.  Another attraction lies in the integration of data resources across the enterprise. The alternative is for an organization to have different databases for each major unit or system, which is not conducive for meeting the informational needed to support strategic planning and institutional initiatives.  An enterprise data warehouse imposes a standard treatment of data and can grow with an organization’s needs.  Ideally, an enterprise data warehouse provides full access to all of the data in an organization without compromising the security or integrity of that data.  This is a tall order that represents a long term planning and development effort around developing an institutional data infrastructure.

The UNLV Data Warehouse is comprised of three product development tools.
The Oracle PeopleSoft EPM Campus Solutions Warehouse stores the structured data for use with various delivery tools. The development team writes programs using the Ascential DataStage tool to move the data from transactional systems to the EPM, and structures it for querying and analysis. Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition Plus (OBIEE) is the information delivery or reporting tool used to present the EPM data in a way that is meaningful to audiences. UNLV Analytics is our name for OBIEE.


  • The UNLV Data Warehouse consists of one official, comprehensive, centralized data repository providing information consistency and integration through a single, commonly defined view of institutional data.