UNLV Analytics


UNLV Analytics is the reporting tool delivered with the UNLV Data Warehouse. Also know as "OBIEE" or Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition, this tool provides a robust web interface for querying and reporting from data that are made available via data marts. This tool is complex and requires a gradual implementation of its features. Initially, UNLV Analytics will be available to key data users with advanced technical and analytic skills. As development proceeds, emphasis will be placed on developing dashboards to address the needs of a broader group of campus data users.

The first data marts to be made available through UNLV Analytics provide access to enrollment and admissions census data, beginning with Fall 2010. This work is being carried out in collaboration with a wide spectrum of campus constituencies, including OIT, Enrollment and Student Services, the Graduate College, Finance and Business, the Boyd School of Law, and the Data Governance Council. UNLV Analytics will be made available as follows:

Data Mart Availability
Enrollment Census - Official

Completed June 2011
Enrollment Census - Unofficial

Completed June 2011
Admissions Census
Completed June 2011
Degrees Conferred

Completed November 2011

Enrollment Management Enhancements

Completed May 2012

Enhancements to Enrollment Census - Unofficial

Completed August 2013

If you already have access to UNLV Analytics, you may log in with your ACE Account at https://analytics.unlv.nevada.edu. Information on how to request access is available here.