UNLV Dashboards


UNLV dashboards are web-enabled reports that organize and present information in a way that is easy to read and interpret. Typically, dashboards present summaries of key trends, comparisons, and exceptions that are meaningful to academic and business operations. Using integration features available in the enterprise data warehouse, dashboards present information from multiple data sources and offer interactive features including drill-down capability and links to strategic objectives or transactional data. Interactive dashboards are an important information delivery tool in the effort to support data-informed decision-making by providing self-service access to the campus decision-makers at all levels.

The UNLV Decision Support team is developing dashboards to meet many of the university’s reporting needs. One of the more immediate uses for University-wide dashboards is as a replacement for legacy applications that were tied to the pre-PeopleSoft student information system.

Enrollment Management Dashboard

This dashboard is for individuals who need to see a high-level view of admission and enrollment activity for the upcoming term compared to previous terms on the same relative date.

View Enrollment Management Dashboard

Risk Factors for Retention Dashboard (in testing)

Provides summary and student-detail information on undergraduate students who may be at risk of leaving the institution, to inform the targeted support and intervention efforts of academic advisors and faculty.

RPC Benchmarks Dashboard

Provides benchmark retention and graduation rates of entering student cohorts in support of the RPC (Retention, Progression, Completion) initiative.

Academic Profiles Dashboards (in development)

Provides reports on historical trends in program enrollments, degrees conferred, and faculty for all colleges and departments. The data and graphs from these reports may be used to develop a self-study narrative.