Frequently Asked Questions


“I can’t find/have not received the link to the course evaluation.”

  • Check the inbox of your Rebel Mail account. Check whether others in the class have received the evaluation. Conduct a search of your Rebel Mail account, all course evaluation emails will contain "course evaluation" in the subject line. You can also access your course evaluations through your MyUNLV account. If you still cannot gain access to your evaluations, contact Include your name, the department, course(s) number, course(s) section, and instructor name of the missing course(s) evaluation in the email.

“I ended the evaluation by mistake and wasn’t done” or “I entered incorrect information”.

  • The current system does not allow for corrections of student errors. The data is de-identified once the ‘submit’ button has been clicked and cannot be deleted. This occurs in order to ensure your anonymity. If an evaluation were made available to a student a second time, it would be difficult to ensure that some of the items were not answered for a second time. Therefore it is very important that students look over their answers to ensure accuracy BEFORE hitting the submit button.

“There are errors in the course survey”. (Instructor name is wrong, course # is wrong, you are not enrolled in the course).

  • Contact State the issue and include your name, the name of the department and course, and the course section number. We will get back to you once the problem is resolved.


"When will my students receive their evaluation emails?"

  • Course evaluation notices will begin two weeks prior to finals week for semester long courses and one week prior to the end of mid-semester courses. Shorter term courses are handled on a case by case basis depending on the length of the course.

"Will my students receive reminders to complete their evaluations?"

  • Students will receive three reminder emails to complete their course evaluations. These will occur approximately four and 10 days after the initial email is sent for semester long courses, and at varying intervals for mid-semester or shorter term courses.

"I never received my email link to view my evaluation report. How do I access them?"

  • You can access all your evaluation reports through the faculty portal on MyUNLV. Click on Faculty Resources from the Faculty Homepage, select Course Evaluation, followed by Faculty Report.