Current Projects


The foundational work of data warehousing and business intelligence can perhaps best be described as building a campus data infrastructure that facilitates easy access to data and information. Much like the campus's network infrastructure is required for sending and receiving email, the interpretation and structuring of transactional data are needed to effectively deliver data for informational purposes.

Functional projects involve delivering informational value to the institution by addressing specific subject areas, and by integrating data across subject areas. Examples include admissions, enrollment management, student retention, and course progression, to name a few. Functional projects are deployed within the foundational infrastructure described above.

Finally, the tools and technologies that support the use of BI at UNLV have both foundational and functional implications. Current projects that involve the development of data infrastructure, the delivery of data and information, and delivery or improvement of tools are listed below. 


  • Design central data architecture to support broader enterprise integration and support quick and sustained delivery of data for operational needs.
  • Develop 21 Dimensions and 2 Facts in support of Enrollment and Financials data marts.


  • Design and build data structures for Student Tracking data mart to support national benchmark reporting of retention and graduation rates, and related dashboards.
  • Migrate SIS cohort databases from IAP server to UNLV Data Warehouse for Student Tracking data mart.
  • Develop retention dashboard that presents attrition risk factors, and identifies students for targeted interventions.
  • Implement architecture improvements in Enrollment Management dashboard.
  • Develop Academic Profiles dashboards for college and departmental use in program planning, program review, and performance metrics.
  • Identify and incorporate highest priority data enhancements to meet immediate institutional and NSHE reporting requirements.


  • Deliver data dictionary for degrees data mart.
  • OBIEE 11g upgrade - identify consulting and work with OIT and SCS to complete.

In addition to these projects which are currently underway, we have posted a summary of recent activity and accomplishments, and an historical timeline highlighting the progress of data warehousing and business intelligence at UNLV.