Recent Activities

Below is a summary of recent activity and accomplishments toward the development of of data warehousing and BI infrastructure, the delivery of data and information for decision support, and related training and data governance at UNLV.

Foundational Projects

  • Implemented a functioning ETL platform for the transfer and restructuring of data.
  • Implemented a functioning OBIEE business intelligence/reporting environment.
  • Completed authentication security allowing UNLV Analytics and dashboard users to log in using their ACE account.
  • Built calendar dimension to provide point-in-time relativity among terms.
  • Designed new star-schema data architecture to support enterprise integration and improve performance of data marts.
  • Designed and implemented Snapshot layer in the data warehouse, allowing for the daily capture and historical preservation of over 90 transactional tables. The Snapshot layer serves as a foundation for data mart development.

Functional Projects

  • Delivered first Enrollment Management data mart, dashboard, and definitions.
  • Delivered budget enhancements to the Enrollment Management data mart.
  • Delivered prototype student financials mart; user feedback from this phase is informing additional development.
  • Researched requirements and established project phases for developing Student Tracking data infrastructure and information delivery applications.
  • Redesigned public reports served from IAP’s web server, incorporating data sourced from the newer PeopleSoft as well as the legacy student information system.

Training and Governance

  • Designed and built a central Metadata Repository with a focus on integrating current and future metadata subject areas.
  • Designed and implemented strategy for collecting informational elements and their data definitions, providing the foundation for datamart development.
  • Developed and delivered a central data dictionary for the Admissions and Enrollment data marts.
  • Developed and delivered training on UNLV Analytics to more than 75 UNLV faculty and staff.
  • Provided SQL access and training to key functional users.
  • Gathered and implemented Enrollment Management mart requirements from cross-functional team.
  • Developed an electronic workflow application to facilitate UNLV Analytics access approvals by data stewards.

Also available on this site: information about projects currently underway , and an historical timeline highlighting key milestones for data warehousing and business intelligence at UNLV.