Student Information for Blue Course Evaluations

UNLV values the student feedback received from the semester course evaluations. In order to improve our evaluation process, we have begun to use the Blue eXplorance software to implement course evaluations. Not all colleges and departments are currently using Blue for their course evaluations, so not all of your evaluations will look the same.


1. When is the UNLV course evaluation period?

Typically, UNLV Departments request that course evaluations be completed by their students before Final Examinations begin. Therefore, the course evaluations are conducted during the two weeks prior to finals week. There is the option to conduct course evaluations of modular courses throughout the semester.


2. How do I access my course surveys?

Students will receive an email with a link to their course survey. They can also access their course evaluations through MyUNLV. If students choose to log in through MyUNLV, they can follow these steps:

  • Log in at
  • From the Student Homepage select Resources
  • In the menu on the left, select Course Evaluation
  • Be sure pop-up blockers are disabled
  • Select the Course Evaluation link
  • Courses open for evaluation will appear in a new window to be completed


3. Why am I receiving reminder emails?

For the results to be valid, we require as many students as possible to complete their course surveys. Therefore you will receive reminder emails during the course evaluation period up until the time you complete the survey.


4. How will the faculty get the results of the evaluation?

Your instructors will receive their results after the final grading period, including instructors with modular courses. These reports do not contain any identifying information about students. The quantitative items, where you rank the answers, are provided as an aggregate in the report. The reports will display the individual comment answers.


5. Is there a deadline for completing the course evaluation?

Yes, and the deadline varies depending on the length of the course. For shorter courses you typically have a week to 10 days to complete the course survey. For semester long courses you have until 23:59 on the Sunday before finals week to complete your course evaluations. You may save your responses at any time if you do not think you can complete the evaluation in one sitting. To ensure the integrity of the data, once the course surveys have been closed, they will not be re-opened!


6. Who else has access to the course evaluation data?

The data from the course evaluations are included in promotion and tenure decisions for your instructors. Therefore, their administrators will have access to the course reports. The Course Evaluation Coordinator will also have access to the data.


7. Who can I contact with questions or concerns?

You can contact the Course Evaluation Coordinator, via email at