IAP Accreditation Resources

Welcome to the Office of Institutional Analysis and Planning (IAP) login page for accreditation. The purpose of this page is to expedite your access to IAP information resources for the 2010 NWCCU self-study process.

To improve access to the data and documentation useful to the self-study process, we are maintaining links to information from a variety of sources under Accreditation in our Planning section.

Academic Profiles will provide much of the trend data needed by colleges and departments to develop their self-study documents. However, this application is available only with an IAP login.

If you already have an IAP login, enter your username and password in the box to the right. If you do not, click here to request an IAP login. If you are not sure whether or not you have an IAP login, contact us and we'll help.

If you have been authorized to access our secure applications (DataNet, Student Tracker, and Faculty Workload Reports) these applications will appear on the same website without an additional login.